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Saruni Samburu

Review: Saruni Lodge

Soon after we arrived in Kenya, we started to hear about the Saruni Samburu and how great it is. It took three years and second trip up to Samburu (we stayed at the Ashnil last time), but we finally got up there. In fact, the second trip to Samburu was all about experiencing the Saruni. Samburu is awesome, but the Saruni can easily be a destination in itself. In my prior post I mentioned the drive up. You can fly, but five hours of mostly easy driving from Nairobi makes this more of a driving type of trip. Given that the Saruni is pricey, you might want to drive to save the money and put it toward your stay. That said, although it’s pricey, it’s worth it. You more than get your money’s worth. The service is excellent. You are really pampered, yet never hovered over. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly, and then when they showed us our villa we got an apology. They didn’t know our favorite drinks and so they could …

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Elephants of Samburu

I was very surprised and happy to see so many elephants in Samburu. We saw many of them every single day. It was amazing to see them and to get so close to them in the wild. Some of the elephants we saw, like the one in the featured photo, were tagged by Save The Elephants, which is based in Samburu. They conduct research on (hence the tagging), provide protection for, and provide education about elephants. They have a blog if you want follow what they are doing. Here is an elephants-only video and a few photos of the majestic creatures.


Safari in Samburu

I have been in Kenya for long enough, and have been on enough game drives, to now be totally spoiled when it comes to safaris. Yet, I was awestruck by our experience in Samburu. I went with high expectations and I was very impressed. The parks we went to were the Buffalo Springs National Reserve and the Samburu National Reserve. They are adjacent to one another, separated by the Ewaso Ngiro River. We went in the dry season, but, because of the river, we still saw a lot of animals. Side Note: Apparently Samburu is also good in the rainy season. It rains for a bit and then stops. The plans don’t flood. Instead, the river overflows onto its banks and then into tributaries. It doesn’t become a mud pit like the Mara during the rains. Animals we saw included cheetah (duma in Swahili—I learned a new word), tons of elephants, troops and troops of baboon, Grant Gazelle, zebra, oryx, crocodile, impala, and many types of birds. We also saw some new animals (new for us). …