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Review: Trout Tree

On the way back from Samburu, we stopped in Nanyuki for lunch at The Trout Tree. It was a well-timed stop and the perfect way to wrap up our long weekend. And, being right off the main road, it was super easy. The restaurant is built around a tree and it farms trout, hence the name. The atmosphere is very Swiss Family Robinson. The service is great. The food is great. It’s all around a great place for lunch. The only thing is that you do need to watch out for monkeys. You’ll be given a stick to ward them off. Be vigilant. There is a 100% chance they will make a hard play for your food. If you’re in Nanyuki, definitely pop in.

Driving up to the Saruni Samburu

A few weeks ago, we decided to go up to Samburu again. This time around, we were going mostly to experience the Saruni Samburu—will have a review of that later. Also, this time, we drove. Altogether, it took about five hours. Timing included a lovely stop at Barney’s, a cafe next to the Nanyuki airfield. I don’t have too many pictures from that, but here are some: That was about three hours into the drive. The road was excellent the whole way up to Nanyuki. Actually, the road was excellent all the way up to the Kalama Gate at Samburu. That’s where you turn off to head up the rough road to the Saruni. That’s when our Land Rover Defender really got to be used. Word to the wise, and they will advise you at the gate, you cannot make it up to the Saruni without a proper SUV. It’s can’t be any car that is a 4×4. You need high clearance off the ground. A proper SUV or truck will work fine. Leave the …

Mount Kenya Safari Club

Hotel Review: Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

The Saturday before Christmas we made last minute plans and were lucky to get a room at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. We did get to go away after all—there was some turmoil, but we made it. All in all, the Mount Kenya Safari Club was really nice. Our room was a riverside deluxe. It was a little small and a little dark, but otherwise really nice. The fireplace in each room is key as it gets pretty cold at night. One thing worth noting is the bathroom. It’s amazing. It was big and well lit. It is the first well lit bathroom I have ever encountered anywhere in the world. Also worth noting is that the hairdryer is pretty good. This came in handy and I blew out my travel dryer. (Always check to make sure you have it on the right voltage setting. Ask me how I know.) Other than having to argue with the front desk one night about getting the fireplace lit (they told me to wait and I had …