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Tribal Gallery

While J.’s sister was visiting, we checked out the Tribal Gallery. Right on Loresho Ridge Road, the gallery is a little hard to find. Look for the green gate next to house number 161 and a sign that says TG. The gallery has some art, but mostly it’s furniture. If you’re in the market for some really nice dhow wood pieces, antiques, or home accents, you’ll want to check out the gallery. If you want something that’s more about art, I would suggest One Off. Not in the market for furniture, although we both bought some decorative pieces, our visit was short. Still, we enjoyed ourselves. Photography is not allowed in the gallery, hence the only shot is the one I snuck on the lower level and used for the featured photo. To contact Tribal: Telephone: +254 (0)7138 25250 Email: or

Dog Licenses Obtained!

I’ve written about the saga of getting a dog license in Nairobi. I’ve also written about the various hurdles in terms of not having to pay transport fees. I’m happy to report I have finally gotten licenses for both Maddie and Oreo. After emails, texts, calls, and a written letter, the Director of Veterinary Services paid the transport fees himself for the home inspection. (Sometimes it pays to be the crazy lady who will not go away.) After the inspection, I got a call from the very nice man processing the licenses. I went to the Pangani City Council building…also known as the dog pound since that’s what it is. Getting there is tricky. You go onto Professor Wangari Maathai Road (formerly known as Forest Road. Then, just as you get to Jubliee House, turn off to the side. There is a dirt road just before Jubilee House. (The guards at Jubilee House can direct you.) Follow that road, which the government really ought to tarmac and put up signage, for a few meters. Go all the way …

More Mexican!

I mentioned in prior posts that there is a sudden surge in Mexican fare in Nairobi. First I tried Fonda. Then I tried Mercado. My latest Mexican adventure is the taco stand in the new food court area of Village Market. You go up to the first floor. Then you walk along to the new section. Then you walk all the way to the end. The new food court area is to the left and the taco stand is the first thing on the right side of the court/walkway. It’s simple fare: tacos, chips and salsa, and drinks. The tacos came in a number of options including chicken, fish, pork, and goat. The food was fresh and yummy. The service was fast and very nice. This is the perfect place for a light lunch or a quick Mexican fix!  

Trying New Things: #6 Pottery

As some of you know, I have many hobbies. I’ve added a new one to my repertoire: pottery. I am hooked! I love it! I love creating things (hence the painting and knitting) and I love working with my hands. I love working with the clay and learning all the ways I can shape and mold and stamp it into various object. I’m just starting out and I’m a total novice. But, as I mentioned, I am hooked and I know that someday in the not to distant future (I hope) I’ll actually become good at it. Here are some of my first pieces in progress: Here are some works in progress by people who know what they’re doing: I’m taking the course (one morning once a week) at Stoneware Pottery, which shares a space with the Weaver Bird studio. It’s run by Waithira Chege, an amazing ceramacist. She’s not only incredibly talented, but she’s also a great teacher and a wonderful person. It’s a lot of fun to take her classes. Here are some …

Burns Night

Back in January, J. and I attended Burns Night, hosted by the Caledonian Society of Kenya. It was held at the Muthaiga Club. The evening started out fine. The food was good. The haggis was delicious. And then came the speeches. Mind you, I waited several weeks to let myself cool down. I didn’t want this post to be a rage-filled outburst. So, this is my take after a few weeks and I am about as calm as I can be about the speeches that night. The night was all about old men making sexist jokes. I live in a world where Donald Trump is president of the U.S. and yet that night was the most misogynist, sexist, hate-filled (against women) experience I have ever had. It was awful. A friend and I left our table and went to the back to talk amongst ourselves. We didn’t want to stay and listen to anymore anti-female bullshit. We were told to shush as we were a bit loud…pesky women that we are. I will not attend …