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Driving up to the Saruni Samburu

A few weeks ago, we decided to go up to Samburu again. This time around, we were going mostly to experience the Saruni Samburu—will have a review of that later. Also, this time, we drove. Altogether, it took about five hours. Timing included a lovely stop at Barney’s, a cafe next to the Nanyuki airfield. I don’t have too many pictures from that, but here are some: That was about three hours into the drive. The road was excellent the whole way up to Nanyuki. Actually, the road was excellent all the way up to the Kalama Gate at Samburu. That’s where you turn off to head up the rough road to the Saruni. That’s when our Land Rover Defender really got to be used. Word to the wise, and they will advise you at the gate, you cannot make it up to the Saruni without a proper SUV. It’s can’t be any car that is a 4×4. You need high clearance off the ground. A proper SUV or truck will work fine. Leave the …

Another New Family Member

Driving in Kenya has been an evolution for me. I started out not really wanting to drive. I’m from New York. I don’t do that crap. Then I realized the freedom a car would give me. I needed to drive. Indeed, you do need a car to get anywhere here. Soon, we got to a point where we needed a second car, sorry, vehicle. Sure, we could manage with one. But, it was getting harder and harder. And so, our newest addition to the family: a Land Rover Defender. It’s J.’s baby. I think it feels like you’re riding in a tractor, but apparently that is the appeal. J. loves his Landy. (Just don’t call it a car!)