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Saruni Samburu

Review: Saruni Lodge

Soon after we arrived in Kenya, we started to hear about the Saruni Samburu and how great it is. It took three years and second trip up to Samburu (we stayed at the Ashnil last time), but we finally got up there. In fact, the second trip to Samburu was all about experiencing the Saruni. Samburu is awesome, but the Saruni can easily be a destination in itself. In my prior post I mentioned the drive up. You can fly, but five hours of mostly easy driving from Nairobi makes this more of a driving type of trip. Given that the Saruni is pricey, you might want to drive to save the money and put it toward your stay. That said, although it’s pricey, it’s worth it. You more than get your money’s worth. The service is excellent. You are really pampered, yet never hovered over. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly, and then when they showed us our villa we got an apology. They didn’t know our favorite drinks and so they could …

Looking out from the beach bed

Review: The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel

This year for my birthday we took off to Diani. We stayed at The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel. It. Was. Awesome! We loved every aspect of it. The grounds and pool are gorgeous. We loved the canopied day beds that overlooked the beach—this is where we pretty much spent all our time. Here’s a short video walking through the wrap-around pool. The interior common areas were nice. Our room was fantastic. Most of all, the food and service were amazing. I cannot say enough about the quality of the hospitality. And the food…so good! It’s all a la carte, fresh, and freshly made. (Now I’m craving crab and oysters just from thinking about the food there!) I very highly recommend staying at the Maji.

Hotel Review: Ocean Sports

We made our first real dive trip earlier this month. (Yes, we dove in Diani. That wasn’t a dive trip though.) We went to Watamu and we stayed at Ocean Sports. We chose Ocean Sports because the dive shop we  booked with, Aqua Ventures, is based there. We wanted to be as close as possible to the dive shop as diving was the purpose of our trip. I’d say we did all right with our choice. The hotel is nice, clean, and well managed. Our room was spacious. I booked a larger room because I thought we would bring our DSLR rigs. We didn’t, but we liked having the extra space. One thing I really liked about the room was that there was an outlet near the mirror. I could see what I was doing as I dried my hair! Hooray! The only thing about the room is that it was a little bit run down. It wasn’t in bad shape. But it could use some refurbishing soon. The food was okay. Fresh oysters were …

Review: Riu Le Morne

My hotel review will be a little bit split as we wound up experiencing both the Riu Le Morne and the Riu Creole. We had booked at Le Morne, a lovely adults only hotel. However, the room we were in had no air conditioning. That wasn’t going to work. We had to push hard to get a room with air conditioning. Apparently an entire wing of the hotel was in terms of climate control. This really bothered us—if you know there is a problem, you should make accommodations ahead of time, before your paying guests arrive. We shouldn’t have had to fight to get into an air conditioned room. I should note that the girl at reception wasn’t being nasty. She was in over head and had no support. I can’t believe a high end hotel wouldn’t have someone there at all times to handle these things. We did get into one that night. The room was smaller, but we could deal with it. However, it did not have a safe, which was a deal …

Review: Riu Creole

As you read in my last post, our stay in Mauritius was split between the Riu Le Morne and the Riu Creole. We had booked the Le Morne but then stayed at the Creole. I can’t speak too much about the Creole other than the room. The suite was amazing. It was spacious, well laid out, and was well maintained. I have no complaints. So, the room was great. I can’t say too much because we spent more time at the Le Morne side. The Creole is family friendly—I highly recommend it if you have kids. They really provide a lot to keep the whole family happy. If you’re a couple, you’ll want to be on the Le Morne side.