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Hell's Gate Kenya

Back to Hell’s Gate

The first time we went to Hell’s Gate we hiked the Central Tower Gorge, the most adventurous part of the gorge. It took about two hours and was awesome. However, we didn’t have time or energy to do much of the main gorge, Ol Njorowa. This time, we hit that main part. We knew it would take four hours, much longer than the Central Tower Gorge, but that it would be easier. We also knew to take a guide with us. Even though the hike was easier, we figured there might be some tricky parts, and indeed there were. Getting into the gorge is tricky as is the first kilometer or so of it. Then there are stretches of easy hiking. There are also some areas that requires some finesse, for example the aptly named Point of No Return. Having the guide was essential, especially since we hit an area that we couldn’t pass so we had to take a detour. The guide was also able to tell us a lot about the gorge. We learned …


Guest Post: Rough Travel with Style

Today we have a guest post from J. covering how he packs for some of his work travel. Many people have asked me what I wear and what I take with me when I go on missions in the field. It really depends on the circumstances—and it can vary drastically even on the same trip. I may be meeting a government minister in one meeting and then, the same day, be rushing off in Land Cruiser to a remote village for the next meeting.  I have to be very mobile and my clothes and gear need to keep up with me. Suits I ask a lot of my suits. They need to be: Proper and formal—appropriate for meeting with government officials Durable (i.e. need to be able to take a beating and still look good) Comfortable in all types of weather Breathe easily Repel stains Have plenty of pockets to carry all sorts of gear. The key here is the ability to have certain items on you and not just with you. In other words, I very much …