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Review: Trout Tree

On the way back from Samburu, we stopped in Nanyuki for lunch at The Trout Tree. It was a well-timed stop and the perfect way to wrap up our long weekend. And, being right off the main road, it was super easy. The restaurant is built around a tree and it farms trout, hence the name. The atmosphere is very Swiss Family Robinson. The service is great. The food is great. It’s all around a great place for lunch. The only thing is that you do need to watch out for monkeys. You’ll be given a stick to ward them off. Be vigilant. There is a 100% chance they will make a hard play for your food. If you’re in Nanyuki, definitely pop in.

Saruni Samburu

Review: Saruni Lodge

Soon after we arrived in Kenya, we started to hear about the Saruni Samburu and how great it is. It took three years and second trip up to Samburu (we stayed at the Ashnil last time), but we finally got up there. In fact, the second trip to Samburu was all about experiencing the Saruni. Samburu is awesome, but the Saruni can easily be a destination in itself. In my prior post I mentioned the drive up. You can fly, but five hours of mostly easy driving from Nairobi makes this more of a driving type of trip. Given that the Saruni is pricey, you might want to drive to save the money and put it toward your stay. That said, although it’s pricey, it’s worth it. You more than get your money’s worth. The service is excellent. You are really pampered, yet never hovered over. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly, and then when they showed us our villa we got an apology. They didn’t know our favorite drinks and so they could …

Review: Quest Kiteboarding

We finally did it. After initially getting the itch to learn how to kite surf during our vacation in Mauritius, and after not being able to do it earlier this year on my birthday, we finally took our first kiteboarding classes! It was so much fun! We chose Quest Kiteboarding, located at Diani Sea Lodge for our lessons. Quest has been around since 2012 and is owned and managed by Jamie Hockley. The crew at Quest, just like Jamie, is super nice, helpful, and very accessible. We’d get calls or texts from them to confirm timing of lessons (because winds vary). They were always on time. Someone was always around if you had questions. You are not just in good hands, but caring hands. They want you to not only learn and be safe, but to also have fun. The equipment we used looked good and in great condition. With a lot of sports, the training gear is often a bit beaten down. Not here. No, it’s not high-end gear. But, everything we used was …

Review: Ocean Village

For our third trip to Diani (my favorite beach!), we stayed at Ocean Village. The resort recently changed management and was renovated. I have to say, they did a good job. The grounds were lovely. The beach side could have used some umbrellas for shade, but there were enough palm trees for us to manage. The pool area was also nice. There were no lounge chairs by the pool, which I found odd. But, maybe most people are like me and prefer to lounge on the beach anyway. Our room was really nice, with a big comfortable bed. Everything was is good shape. The bathroom was nice. No issues with that. We had a hot water problem (lack of) one day but it was quickly resolved. I liked that they had a hairdryer and that it was placed near a mirror. Sadly, the dryer wasn’t really strong enough. Also, the lighting in the room was a bit dim. It’s hard to see what you’re doing when you put on makeup to go out. Those are …