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Review: Ranch House

On our way back from Malu Cottages in Naivasha, we stopped by Ranch House Bistro. We had heard a lot of good things about it and knew it was dog friendly. I’m happy to say that it totally lived up to the hype! The setting is gorgeous, with indoor and outdoor space overlooking Lake Naivasha. The service was excellent. And the food was really good. Ranch House is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. To contact them: Their Facebook Page Phone:  0700 488475

Review: Hob House

I had heard many good things about Hob House. I had high expectations, but still kept in mind it’s a B&B and not a full scale restaurant. The food lived up to the hype. The rest of the experience fell flat. Things started off wrong when they had no record of our reservation. They managed to get us a table.  Unfortunately, it was not in the restaurant seating area. It was the main dining room table in the common area for the B&B guests. (No pictures because I couldn’t have random people in the shots.) It felt like we were dropped into someone’s living room and told to eat. One of the owners came by to chat with us. This was fine for the first couple minutes. Ten minutes later we really wanted her to leave but were being polite. Why did she spend such a long time with us? First she had to give us brochures for the B&B part of the business. Then she had to sell us on her favorite dessert and …

Mexican Restaurants Part 2: Mercado

I wrote about Fonda a couple weeks ago. This week, I’m going to tell you about Mercado. Mercado is another Mexican place in Nairobi. Located in Westlands, in the Kenrail Towers (next to the Nine West building), this is the better of the Mexican options. Don’t get me wrong, Fonda is good. Mercado just happens to be better. Why is it better? Overall, Mercado is a step above. The atmosphere is nice. The service is very good. The menu is more robust. Most important, the food is excellent as are the margaritas. How did Mercado come about? Basically, a pair of Kenyan brothers went to Mexico and learned how to make the cuisine. They returned home and decided to share the culinary experience. Is this the best Mexican food I’ve ever had? Oh, hell no! But, it’s decent. It certainly goes beyond fulfilling a craving as far as quality and authenticity. This will be our go-to place when we feel like Mexican. If you want to check out Mercado for yourself: +254 700 245 795 …

Mexican Restaurants Part 1: Fonda

Recently, three new Mexican restaurants popped up in Nairobi. We went from zero to three in just a few months. It’s a bit loco and J. and I, missing latin food, are keen to check them all out. J. went to one of the places in the Two Rivers Mall. I don’t remember the name. It’s fast food-ish…he described it as kind of like Chipotle back in the U.S. So there is that, if you’re in Two Rivers and crave a taco. I’m counting it as Mexican because it exists. However, I’m not really all that interested in fast food. Another is Mercado in Westlands. We haven’t been there yet but want to check it out. So far, I’ve head good reviews. The one we have gone to is Fonda NBO in the Rosslyn Riveria Mall. I’ve been twice. Once with friends who live near there (and who I met through this blog!) and once on my own for lunch. It’s decent. I’d say it’s on par with Mexican food in New York. Here’s the thing, …

The German BakeHouse

We’ve discovered another great artisanal food shop in Nairobi! The German BakeHouse makes sourdough bread, pretzels, rolls, and more. The recipes are inspired by traditional German bread, but they have a modern twist (read: they have gluten free products too). You can find them Saturdays at Purdy Arms in Karen, at the Karura Coffee House in the New Muthaiga Mall (on Thigiri Ridge), and the Total gas station in Spring Valley. You can also order online and they’ll deliver to you. Their bread is delicious—J. can’t get enough of their dark rye. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.