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Side Project Fail

It doesn’t seem as though I’ll be able to keep up my weekly photo project. Work and other projects are making it difficult for me to do an assignment each week. Unless I start to use my iPhone as the camera for the tougher weeks (like a couple weeks ago when I had to travel for work), I am not going to be able to keep it up. And, really, the whole point was to use my DSLR more. But, while the project is a failure, the intent behind it lives on. I’m still taking pictures. I’m using the camera more. I’m getting better and learning. Plus I’ll keep posting photos via my iPhone onto Instagram (curriedpotato is my handle on there). I’ll take down that page in a few days. I see no sense in keeping it when I can’t complete it. Still, it was a project worth trying.

I Have a New Page…

…for a side project. If you look at the menu of this site, you’ll see a new page called Side Project. I’m hopping on the 52 photos project bandwagon. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s pretty easy to understand: you commit to posting a picture for each week of the year. There is a theme for each week. I have a list of themes and I’m also getting ideas from the Nairobi Photo Club (a Facebook group).  I like the weekly element of the challenge as it makes me use my camera several times a week (at least) but isn’t as big a commitment as posting something every single day. Most people start such a project at the beginning of the year. I have no particular reason for starting now. I just feel like starting it now. I’m hoping to follow through for the full 52 weeks. We’ll see what happens.

Seven Day Photo Project

I am spending more time with photography these days. I want to brush up on techniques, practice, and get better acquainted with my camera. I feel as though I mostly use it underwater and I’d like to get back into using it topside again. As part of that effort, I am also trying to take more photos overall, including with my phone. I gave myself a seven day photo project. The goal was to take a photo every day for a week of something in my new life here in Nairobi that makes me happy. I took each photo with my iPhone and posted it on Instagram. The one outlier is the photo of Paris. It was a side step from Nairobi, but I felt it was a necessary one given the recent attack. I love that city and wanted to share a memory of it. Here is the finished project. I will be starting a 52 week project soon (one photo per week). I’ll share that online as well.