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In The Karura Forest

The Last Word

It’s time to close out this blog. I’ve been posting less and less. I don’t have much to say anymore. I just live here now. It’s still an adventure, but not in a way that requires me to blog about it. I’ve spent nearly four years blogging about my move to and life in Nairobi. I reached far more people than I could have ever imagined. I’ve been able to help a large number of people who have moved to Nairobi. I’ve even made some some friends through this blog. Thank you to everyone who has read and/or followed this blog. It’s been a lot fun. But now it’s time to put this aside. This site will remain up until June. After that I will take it down.

Good News for Dogs in Karura!

As you know, the cookies and I like to go to Karura Forest. We love to walk the many trails and also hang out with friends in the dog off-leash area. I’m very happy to report that the off-leash area in the Sigiria Block of Karura is now a bicycle zone! Don’t worry. There are plenty of other places for mountain bikers. In fact, the good people at Karura are setting up more bike trails, even some specialty ones for serious mountain bikers. There’s room for us all in Karura. And now, dogs can play safely in their area without fear of getting run over by a zooming cyclist.

Irish Ball

Over St. Patrick’s Day Weekend (yes, why not make a whole weekend of it) we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Irish Ball, hosted by the Kenya Irish Society. We had a fantastic time! Yes, we had the Irish Flu the next day but it was worth it. There isn’t too much to tell other than that it was fun, festive, had lots of dancing, good food, and lots of booze. We haven’t been to a ball since the last Gala Latina a couple years ago so it was really nice to get dressed up for a fancy night. If you’re interested in attending the ball next year or want to know more about the many other events the Kenya Irish Society hosts, check out their website. You can also email them at:


This isn’t the most interesting post for most people. But, it’s fun and important for me and for Maddie so I’m sharing! We are doing agility training! Maddie really loves it. I think she partly likes it because she finds it fun and stimulating. I must admit that part of her love has to do with the fact that she will do anything for sausage. (High value treats are used for agility.) Oreo is not so into it. I think she thinks it’s beneath her. She can do some of it (we practice at home). However, she made her disdain quite clear. So, when Maddie and I go to agility, J. takes Oreo for a run in Karura Forest. So, this is a newish thing in our family life. It’s worth sharing. Afterall, expat life isn’t all about galas and game drives. We have some happily mundane things too.

The Railway Museum

We had some lovely house guests recently. We did the usual jaunts…and something new! We went to the Railway Museum. It’s a bit different from the usual tour around Karen and this is the 150th anniversary of the railway in Kenya, so it seemed like a good idea to visit. The museum is small. There isn’t a ton there, but what is there is interesting. It has artifacts, articles, and a lot of information about how hard it was to build the “lunatic express.” Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, including man-eating lions. I’m not going to delve into the history as that would be an entire book. The interior part of the museum is mostly historical, but there is one small room at the end where there is information about the modern railway. The new line from Nairobi to Mombassa is controversial as it goes through Nairobi National Park and people worried about the impact on wildlife. The exhibit on this venture really hammers in how wildlife-friendly the line is. I’m not …