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Good News for Dogs in Karura!

As you know, the cookies and I like to go to Karura Forest. We love to walk the many trails and also hang out with friends in the dog off-leash area. I’m very happy to report that the off-leash area in the Sigiria Block of Karura is now a bicycle zone! Don’t worry. There are plenty of other places for mountain bikers. In fact, the good people at Karura are setting up more bike trails, even some specialty ones for serious mountain bikers. There’s room for us all in Karura. And now, dogs can play safely in their area without fear of getting run over by a zooming cyclist.


This isn’t the most interesting post for most people. But, it’s fun and important for me and for Maddie so I’m sharing! We are doing agility training! Maddie really loves it. I think she partly likes it because she finds it fun and stimulating. I must admit that part of her love has to do with the fact that she will do anything for sausage. (High value treats are used for agility.) Oreo is not so into it. I think she thinks it’s beneath her. She can do some of it (we practice at home). However, she made her disdain quite clear. So, when Maddie and I go to agility, J. takes Oreo for a run in Karura Forest. So, this is a newish thing in our family life. It’s worth sharing. Afterall, expat life isn’t all about galas and game drives. We have some happily mundane things too.

Dog Licenses Obtained!

I’ve written about the saga of getting a dog license in Nairobi. I’ve also written about the various hurdles in terms of not having to pay transport fees. I’m happy to report I have finally gotten licenses for both Maddie and Oreo. After emails, texts, calls, and a written letter, the Director of Veterinary Services paid the transport fees himself for the home inspection. (Sometimes it pays to be the crazy lady who will not go away.) After the inspection, I got a call from the very nice man processing the licenses. I went to the Pangani City Council building…also known as the dog pound since that’s what it is. Getting there is tricky. You go onto Professor Wangari Maathai Road (formerly known as Forest Road. Then, just as you get to Jubliee House, turn off to the side. There is a dirt road just before Jubilee House. (The guards at Jubilee House can direct you.) Follow that road, which the government really ought to tarmac and put up signage, for a few meters. Go all the way …

Volunteering at TNR

Once a week (after CrossFit, so I’m nice and smelly) I volunteer at the kennels at TNR Trust Nairobi. It has been so much fun and I’ve gotten so much out of it. Yes, I’m helping dogs and doing a good thing. But wow, have I found it rewarding! First, I’ve learned a lot. I’m an experienced dog owner, but there is always something to learn. I’m working with rescues, some of whom had very rough experiences and need to learn how to trust humans. I’m learning how to earn that trust and how to train them to get over their fears (people, loud noises, cars, etc.). Many of the dogs are fine and don’t have any issues. But I’ve learned a lot, and am still learning, on how to rehabilitate dogs. Second, I get my puppy fix. Puppies are so cute. But, they are so naughty and crazy! I work with the puppies to train them on some basic manners, walking on a leash, getting a bath, and more. I get to snuggle and …