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Things Are Getting Nasty

The election is still set for the 26th of this month. The drama level is rising and things are getting violent. Yesterday there was trouble in the Central Business District (CBD). There were shootings (bullets sprayed at protestors from a car) and a protestor was hit by a car. As a result, people started to throw stones at any passing car. There were also violent protests and looting in the town of Kisumu. It’s not a good sign. But, we’ll see what happens. Overall things are still mostly quiet in Nairobi, as long as you avoid CBD on Mondays and Fridays. I’m still hopeful for overall peace, but yesterday wasn’t good.

Life with a dog in Nairobi

As you know, we have adopted a dog, Oreo. She is an amazing addition to our family and we are so happy to have her in our life. Life has been very good since her arrival. We were cautious about getting a dog. We really wanted to make responsible choices and know what we were about to do. This is about family, after all. We had Daisy in New York, and we knew that dog life would be quite different here. We needed to fully understand what being a responsible dog owner would require in Nairobi. First I researched vets. There are a lot of great vets in Nairobi. We chose Dr. Cockar in the Rosslyn Lone Tree area. Then, where to get the dog, and what dog? We thought through everything from breed to age to size. We determined that a slightly older dog (not a tiny puppy) would be best and one that would grow to be about mid-size (20 kg or 45 pounds more or less). The rest would be about temperament and …

Kenyan Elections

The elections are now set for October 26th. The drama level is rising, but things are still mostly peaceful. Mostly. Overall, the feeling is mixed. Some people are very worried. Others are not worried at all. Just about everyone wants things to go smoothly and be able to move along with their lives regardless of the outcome. I’m still optimistic about overall peaceful elections. We’ll see what happens.  Note: I have no opinion on either candidate and no opinion in regard to the outcome of the election.

Guest Post: Oreo

Hi everyone, my name is Oreo. I just moved in recently. Mom said that she’s putting up a few more posts that are more timely to what’s going on in our lives right now. She asked me if I’d do a guest blog. Even though she won’t let me chew on the hamper, I agreed. Some of you might remember reading about how my parents were not going to get a dog in Kenya. Then, they decided that they would eventually get a dog here, when the time was right. Well, they decided the time was right. They were going to take their time, but then they met me and fell in love. Who can blame them? As I said, my name is Oreo. I’m black with a little white. Apparently, I am very sleek and elegant. I’m a ten-and-a-half months old (we’re guessing but we think we’re fairly right on my age). Mom and Dad say I’m really smart. I’m also very active but also a snuggler. I like long walks in Karura Forest, …

Pop Up Market at Peponi Springs

We would often drive past Peponi Springs and take a peek, wondering what the place is like. It looks nice as you drive by along Kitisuru Road at the junction of Peponi Road. A few weeks ago, we finally went there. It’s even nicer when you step inside. It’s like a secret garden tucked away in the valley. What finally brought us inside the gates of Peponi Springs was the last Pop Up Market of the season, featuring Sambara Fashion, Maasai Treads, Mandla, The House of Cindimini, and more. There were tons of cute stalls, which was good because we had some last minute gift buying to do before home leave. Even if you didn’t want to shop, there was plenty of food and drink. Peponi Springs is known for their nyama choma (Kenyan barbecue). We didn’t have any, but we’ll be back to check it out. There were plenty of drinks (well priced too). Providing musical entertainment was Nairobi Soul Club. There was plenty of room for kids to run around, plus they had …