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Style Evolution

Our sense of style changes over time. We develop it as we get older. Life events like parenthood (human or animal kids), job changes, and such affect it. And in the case of the expat, moving to a new place also changes it. Maybe it’s a different culture or climate. Maybe it’s both. For me, for the most part, my style is the same. But I’ve noticed some changes: I’m still mostly wearing black and gray and otherwise monochrome. But, I have some splashes of color and some pieces from kitenge and kikoy fabrics. I’m wearing heels less often unless they’re wedges. I still break them out for a night out…but it depends on where we’re going. Cobblestone, gravel, lawns, and uneven sidewalk are not friends to heels. Layering, while always needed in NY, is now an absolute must. The temperature severely drops when the sun goes down. Because I’m no longer going into an office, I need and have fewer dressy everyday clothes. I’m more casual and…well…even doing a bit of athleisure. Actually, let …

Elephants coming back for the day

Melania’s Visit to DSWT

Along with many others, I was absolutely horrified to see Melania Trump visting the elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). Sure, the elephant orphanage is popular place for people to visit. However, it was entirely inappropriate for Melania to be allowed entry. This has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do animal welfare and conservation. Her husband lifted the ban on importing animal trophies. Her stepsons are trophy hunters who have posed with their kills, including an elephant. How could such a person be allowed to visit? That question remains, but it should be directed to the Kenyan government as it was its decision. DSWT did not invite Melania. They had no say in the visit. They were told to expect a VIP but not told who it would be until very close to the date. Since the government of Kenya owns all the elephants in Kenya, DSWT was not in a position to decline. And thus, she visited. Perhaps the First Lady of Kenya, who hosted Melania’s visit, hoped …


If you read my blog, then you know my political leanings. You also know that I am terrified for my country. So much hinges on what happens this November. Please – VOTE! Overseas? You can still vote. Get out there and do it. Mail it in. Not sure how to vote? Get the information you need here. NY State has two ballots. One is for federal, which I’ve sent in. The other is for the state election, will I will send in as soon as I get it. Every vote counts, especially now. Let’s all of us, Americans all over the world, work together to get the GOP-misogynists-racists out of the House and Senate!  

Fewer Posts

As time goes by, I feel as though there is less to write about. It’s not a big adventure anymore. Okay, it often is. However, after three years, I just live here now. I have less to say or report back. I find myself struggling to come up with post ideas. You’ve probably noticed that one story has often gotten stretched to three or four posts. Some of my posts have been pretty lame. The quality is going down and it’s becoming more of a burden rather than something fun. As a result, I’m going to post less. I won’t post regularly anymore, only when there is something worth posting. For example: a trip, a place really worth reviewing, or something otherwise noteworthy. I won’t close out the blog. I’ll keep it up for as long as I’m in Kenya. Just keep in mind that it’s not going to have fresh content. If you’re looking for something in Nairobi or want some information because you are planning to move here, keep the dates of the …

Time Flies

And just like that, we hit three years. Time really does fly. It’s really been three years. We’ve explored a ton, but we still want to see more of Kenya and of Africa. We’ve learned a lot, and are still learning something new almost every day. We’ve made great friends and keep making more. The journey has been great so far and I’m excited to say that it will continue. We’ve just signed on for another two years. Here’s looking forward to more adventure!