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Kazuri Beads & Pottery

Kazuri means “small and beautiful” in Swahili. Kazuri Beads and Pottery is a bead and pottery company based in Karen (with several shops in Nairobi). They make amazing ceramic products that they sell locally as well as internationally. They started out in 1975 with the founder and two single mothers. The business grew as they discovered there were many other women in villages around Nairobi who needed employment. Today, they employ over 340 people (mostly women). I was intrigued by their story so I went to check out their main shop and factory, which is located on what used to be part of Karen Blixen’s estate. I got there in the morning and was the first “tourist” to arrive, so I got a personal tour! Here is some video from that tour: It was great to see everything from how they prep the clay (which they get from Mount Kenya), to how they make the pottery and how they make each bead. I should have taken notes so I could describe every detail. Instead, I …

Tribal Gallery

While J.’s sister was visiting, we checked out the Tribal Gallery. Right on Loresho Ridge Road, the gallery is a little hard to find. Look for the green gate next to house number 161 and a sign that says TG. The gallery has some art, but mostly it’s furniture. If you’re in the market for some really nice dhow wood pieces, antiques, or home accents, you’ll want to check out the gallery. If you want something that’s more about art, I would suggest One Off. Not in the market for furniture, although we both bought some decorative pieces, our visit was short. Still, we enjoyed ourselves. Photography is not allowed in the gallery, hence the only shot is the one I snuck on the lower level and used for the featured photo. To contact Tribal: Telephone: +254 (0)7138 25250 Email: or

Review: Ranch House

On our way back from Malu Cottages in Naivasha, we stopped by Ranch House Bistro. We had heard a lot of good things about it and knew it was dog friendly. I’m happy to say that it totally lived up to the hype! The setting is gorgeous, with indoor and outdoor space overlooking Lake Naivasha. The service was excellent. And the food was really good. Ranch House is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. To contact them: Their Facebook Page Phone:  0700 488475

Review: Malu Cottages

J.’s sister came to visit a few weeks ago and for part of her stay, the five of us went up to Malu Cottages in Naivasha. Overall, it was really great. We stayed in one of the family villas. It had two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with two single beds. Each bedroom was en suite. It also had a sizable common sitting room area, complete with fireplace. It was perfect for us! The beds were comfortable. Linens were nice. The views were great. We could even see Mt. Longonot in the distance. The service there was excellent. The food was absolutely amazing. It’s all a la carte and they are great with catering to any food allergies. We loved it! There was just one problem…and it’s us, not them. Malu is very much a working farm. Horses, cows, donkeys, and other animals roam around grazing. I loved it (expect that it freaked out Oreo and Maddie, but they could adjust). J. however is very, VERY allergic to horses. So, having the horses …

Guest Post: Oreo & Maddie Go On Smellcation

Hi everyone! Cookie Monsters here! We want to tell you all about our weekend in Naivasha at Sanctuary Farm. We had so much fun! First, there was a car ride. It was Maddie’s first long car ride and she did really well. It was a nice drive…too bad Maddie is still too short to look out the window. She had some great naps though. Then we arrived! Oh it was wonderful! It’s a big open space! So much room!!! There were all these animals there. There were wildebeest—we’re not scared of them; we just give them cautious respect and steer clear of them. There were lots of birds and monkeys that we wanted to chase. There were impala—they have Maddie’s coloring and jump like Oreo! We really wanted to run with them. There were also zebra. A zebra is the biggest dog we’ve ever seen! We really wanted to chase them. Sadly, we were not allowed to chase anything! It’s so unfair! We were kept on leash the whole time! Our friends Atlas, Luna, and …