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This isn’t the most interesting post for most people. But, it’s fun and important for me and for Maddie so I’m sharing! We are doing agility training!

Maddie really loves it. I think she partly likes it because she finds it fun and stimulating. I must admit that part of her love has to do with the fact that she will do anything for sausage. (High value treats are used for agility.)

Oreo is not so into it. I think she thinks it’s beneath her. She can do some of it (we practice at home). However, she made her disdain quite clear. So, when Maddie and I go to agility, J. takes Oreo for a run in Karura Forest.

So, this is a newish thing in our family life. It’s worth sharing. Afterall, expat life isn’t all about galas and game drives. We have some happily mundane things too.


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