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Mafia Island

We like to do trips for our birthdays. We’re more about experiences than presents. It’s how we roll. This year, for my birthday, it’s how we dove.

We went to Mafia Island, Tanzania. It’s a remote island that’s sort of part of the whole Pemba Channel. You get there via Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar.

The island is very eco-friendly, but we did manage to stay at one of the few places (maybe only place) with air conditioning. Say what you what. I like toilets and air conditioning. (There are a lot of mosquitos so air conditioned rooms allow me to sleep. Otherwise I will be bitten to death.)

The air conditioned place, Mafia Island Lodge, is a bit run down. It’s fine. I’d say average food. Service was good. The rooms were…okay. We had to change rooms because the first room had a broken air conditioner. Besides climate control, the other reason we picked the lodge is because Mafia Island Diving is there.

They are an amazing dive shop. Organized. Professional. Really nice. They know the reefs and they aim to please in terms of what you’d like to see.

We did a mix of shore diving and diving from their dhows. We did not do night dives this trip, but they do offer night dives.

I’ll post video later, but I did go through the photos we took. J. and I swapped back and forth from the GoPro and the small point and shoot camera. This was not a trip for DSLRs and and strobes. (Taking that on small planes is a real hassle.) As such, the photos are…okay. Some are better than others. You’ll see some back scatter (because we couldn’t control lighting) and some shots are slightly blurred (because of shutter lag).

See the photos. Look toward the bottom of the photos to see captions.


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