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Review: Voi Wildlife Lodge

On the way to and from Watamu, we stopped in Voi. We wanted to take a break and make the drive a bit easier. We chose Voi Wildlife Lodge as the place to make our stop. Big mistake.

I don’t want to go into too many details as I don’t want to relive it. However I can tell you this:

  • Service was terrible on the way down. Their excuse was that no one was really around and so there was less staff.
  • Service was terrible on the way there. Their excuse was that the lodge was full and thus very busy.
  • Food was barely edible.
  • We reserved and paid for an air conditioned rooms. We did not get one either time. Didn’t get any real answer as to why either time.
  • The fan in the room didn’t help as the bizarre mosquito netting somehow blocked the air flow at the top.
  • There is no safe in the room nor are there adequate locks.
  • There is no Do Not Disturb sign so you can’t even request that housekeeping stay out, given that there is no safe.
  • It’s pretty easy to break into any room.

The place is a dump. Do not go there. Here are some photos to show you a bit of how bad it is there.


Our uncomfortable bed


Fan overhead…but the airflow is blocked


Another view of the tiny room


A note that basically says to expect to be robbed.


This lead to an adjoining room. I did not feel particularly safe.


  1. Owen Wandago says

    It’s not a laughing matter but I laughed all through… sorry for your predicament. Quick question though, why did you go back there a second time??


    • We had already booked and paid for the night on the way back and also there were were no rooms available anywhere else. Holiday time in Kenya is no joke. You have to plan ahead. Last minute changes are nearly impossible.


  2. Ann Wilson says

    We are enjoying your posts. Will be in Kenya for two weeks this June/July. Can you recommend a company for a 3 day safari out of Nairobi and a hotel by the airport?


    • Not sure about the hotel near the airport. Be for a safari, I usually book through Phoenix Safari. They are a travel agent and they can put together a nice package for you. We’ve never gone wrong going through them.


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