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Review: Flying Foxes

In earlier posts I wrote about our trip to The Forest and our bad experience mountain biking there with Limitless Outdoors. This post is about the FANTASTIC experience we had with doing the zip lines with Flying Foxes at The Forest. It was so great!

Safety first! Flying Foxes has an ambulance at the ready just in case. But, most likely you won’t ever need it.

The equipment and lines are top notch. The staff is well trained and really knows their stuff. These are experts. Also, you go through a short training before you get to the line. They make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you’re allowed to go. They take safety seriously. The main photo shows the training area of the zip line.

Now, the fun! The lines take you across beautiful canopies of Kenyan forest. It’s breathtaking.

This was my second zip line and it was the biggest one I’ve done. At first I was a bit scared, but after about three seconds, I got over it and enjoyed the rush and the view. It was so amazing.

No photos, as you need both hands and you don’t want to drop anything. No video as the GoPro wasn’t set up right. We’ll try it again and hopefully get some footage.

We will definitely go back for the zip line. We did the two line package as we wanted to test things out. We will go for the six line package for sure next time.



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