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Review: The Forest

The other week, we took a day off and went up to The Forest. The Forest is an outdoor adventure park that’s about an hour and a half outside Nairobi. (The website says it’s an hour, but from Kitisuru it took longer.) There are numerous activities including archery, zip lining, and mountain biking. We did the zip line (excellent) and the mountain biking (terrible and I strongly advise against it). I’ll review both of those activities later.

Entrance to The Forest is free. You only pay for the activities. I recommend reserving ahead of time as things do get booked. Even weekdays are busy as this place is popular for corporate events.

Overall, we like The Forest. It’s pretty. The zip line, the main attraction, is safe and well managed. The views are great. The restaurant is fantastic.

Here are some pictures of the restaurant area:



I would not give The Forest a 10 out of 10. I’d give it an 8. Why does it lose two points?

I will go into detail in my review of the mountain biking. To sum it up, we needed a rescue and it didn’t happen. I had to call TWICE to get anyone to come out. I was very clear that we needed a car to come get it – so very clear. They eventually sent someone on bicycle and so we had to walk back a rather long way. The mountain biking organization (Limitless Outdoors) is mostly at fault for the issue, but for the call it’s totally on the reception desk at The Forest.

I shouldn’t have had to call twice. They should have sent a car. This was a major failure.

What does this tell me? If you are out on the trails or the main road, you are on your own if anything happens. The Forest staff and management will not do much to help you. If you have an injury (like a sprained ankle) that limits movement or something more serious, you are 100% screwed. 

This is a big problem.

I wouldn’t not to go The Forest. In fact I plan to go back. But, I would only do the zip line (run by Flying Foxes). If you’re into archery, you can also do that as it’s on site. But I wouldn’t do anything that takes you onto the trails.


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