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Review: Off the Rocks

After much anticipation…okay, maybe it was just me…Off the Rocks, the oyster bar at Village Market, has opened! I was its first customer. Okay, I am obsessed with oysters and might have been checking in to see if it was open several times a week.

Located in the new food court area of Village Market, is the first eatery on the left as you enter. Nicely set up with high tables as well as the bar, and with charging outlets around the bar panel, the bar is also really cute and works well for people who might want to stop in on the go. Who does that? Well, I do. So, there you go.

The oysters, from the Indian Ocean Oyster Company, are fresh and delicious. The wine options are great. They also offer artisanal gin made in Kenya, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The service is great and the people working the bar know what they’re doing.

Yes, it’s in a mall, like so many things in Kenya. Yes, it’s a food court. But, it’s a nice food court and you won’t feel like you’re in a mall when you’re sitting there. It’s really nice experience all around.

Definitely go try it! Maybe you’ll see me there.


Waiting for oysters

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