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Review: Ocean Village

For our third trip to Diani (my favorite beach!), we stayed at Ocean Village. The resort recently changed management and was renovated. I have to say, they did a good job.

The grounds were lovely. The beach side could have used some umbrellas for shade, but there were enough palm trees for us to manage. The pool area was also nice. There were no lounge chairs by the pool, which I found odd. But, maybe most people are like me and prefer to lounge on the beach anyway.

Outdoor view of the rooms

Outdoor view of the rooms

Looking out to the beach area

Looking out to the beach area

Game room and lounge

Game room and lounge

Our room was really nice, with a big comfortable bed. Everything was is good shape. The bathroom was nice. No issues with that. We had a hot water problem (lack of) one day but it was quickly resolved.

I liked that they had a hairdryer and that it was placed near a mirror. Sadly, the dryer wasn’t really strong enough. Also, the lighting in the room was a bit dim. It’s hard to see what you’re doing when you put on makeup to go out. Those are my only complaints and they are a bit minor. (I’m at the beach so it’s not that big a deal if my hair is damp or if all I’m wearing when I go out is a swipe of lip gloss. I’d prefer better lighting and a better hair dryer but it’s not a deal breaker for me.)

hair dryer near mirror

The service there was really great. The staff was nice, attentive, but not overwhelming. The food was decent. (They usually have a buffet, but given the low season and fewer guests, we got to have meals al la carte.) Drinks were good, and their house red is very nice.

We were very happy with our stay and would definitely stay there again.


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