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Review: Forty Thieves

The first two times we went to Diani, we did not make to to Ali Barbour’s Cave or to Forty Thieves. This time we made it. Actually, we went twice. First to watch the World Cup. Second time for lunch after kite surfing.

We had initially thought it would be like the Cave, as in set in the cave itself. It’s not. It’s right on the beach and it’s very cute.

The atmosphere is casual and friendly. There are screens for watching sports. There are plenty of tables and a nice bar area.

The service is typical beach service, but not bad. A little slow but not terribly so. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. The food was decent and the drinks menu was extensive.

We initially thought we’d eat at Ali Barbour’s, but we heard from a lot of people that the quality of the food there has gone down. We skipped it this time. Maybe we’ll try it when we inevitably return for a Diani beach holiday. We’ll certainly go back to Forty Thieves!



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