Month: August 2018

Another Birthday in Diani

Back in February, we went to Diani Beach for my birthday. In July, we went back for J’s birthday. Why go back to the same place? For starters, Diani is the best beach in the whole world. And, we wanted to learn how to kite surf. When we went last time, there was no wind. This time, the wind was great! So we took some lessons and got to have a nice mix of action/adventure along with relaxing on the beach. How did we do? Pretty well I think. We have a bit more to do before we can go off on our own. But we made decent progress. J almost completed the intermediate level and I got into the intermediate level. I wound up stopping for a bit because the helmet you need to wear when you’re learning kept banging my helix piercing and really irritated it. Word to the wise: don’t wear a hoop (however small) when learning how to kite surf. (If you have a navel piercing you will need to remove …

Time Flies

And just like that, we hit three years. Time really does fly. It’s really been three years. We’ve explored a ton, but we still want to see more of Kenya and of Africa. We’ve learned a lot, and are still learning something new almost every day. We’ve made great friends and keep making more. The journey has been great so far and I’m excited to say that it will continue. We’ve just signed on for another two years. Here’s looking forward to more adventure!


It’s hard, damned near impossible, to find good coffee in Nairobi. I had heard that Spring Valley Coffee was good. However, I never made it there because getting in and out of that shopping center (on Lower Kabete Road, same center as the Total Station) is a nightmare. Well, now, everything changed. They’ve opened a shop in the new food court area of Village Market. Now, it’s easy for me to get good coffee, including whole or freshly ground beans. It’s a big improvement in the quality of our life! If you’re not near Village Market or Spring Valley, then I am sorry. You will have to make do. If there are other places for great coffee (Wasp & Sprout is nice but the coffee doesn’t compare to Spring Valley Coffee) please put that information into the comments!