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Kazuri Beads & Pottery

Kazuri means “small and beautiful” in Swahili. Kazuri Beads and Pottery is a bead and pottery company based in Karen (with several shops in Nairobi). They make amazing ceramic products that they sell locally as well as internationally.

They started out in 1975 with the founder and two single mothers. The business grew as they discovered there were many other women in villages around Nairobi who needed employment. Today, they employ over 340 people (mostly women). I was intrigued by their story so I went to check out their main shop and factory, which is located on what used to be part of Karen Blixen’s estate.

I got there in the morning and was the first “tourist” to arrive, so I got a personal tour! Here is some video from that tour:

It was great to see everything from how they prep the clay (which they get from Mount Kenya), to how they make the pottery and how they make each bead. I should have taken notes so I could describe every detail. Instead, I can give you a few photos of what I saw.


Out of the kiln after glazing


Glazed and ready for the kiln


After the initial firing



Molds for the beads


Hand painting the beads


Kilns for the beads


Quality control for each order


Hand painting the ceramics

If you’re interested in checking out the factory, they are on Mbagathi Ridge, Karen-Nairobi.

Phone: +254 (20) 2328905/6 / +254 720 953298



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