Month: July 2018

Review: greenspoon

One of the things I miss about life in New York is the convenience of things. You can walk to most places. You have public transportation for when you can’t walk. And you can order in just about anything. In many parts of Nairobi, delivery is an option. For me, on the edge of the city, it’s not easy. So, I’m really happy when I find someone or someplace that can deliver to me. Enter greenspoon, my latest find! Greenspoon is an online grocery and beer/wine seller. You simply go online, pick what you want, pay (various types of mobile money (I use Mpesa), Visa, or MasterCard), and then your items are delivered to you. You get it the next day if you order before 3pm. It’s that easy! They sell a wide variety of items. Everything is from artisan producers and local farmers. Not everything is always in stock—but that’s part of the deal when you’re shopping from artisan producers, plus the site is well designed and it’s clear when things are out of …

Kazuri Beads & Pottery

Kazuri means “small and beautiful” in Swahili. Kazuri Beads and Pottery is a bead and pottery company based in Karen (with several shops in Nairobi). They make amazing ceramic products that they sell locally as well as internationally. They started out in 1975 with the founder and two single mothers. The business grew as they discovered there were many other women in villages around Nairobi who needed employment. Today, they employ over 340 people (mostly women). I was intrigued by their story so I went to check out their main shop and factory, which is located on what used to be part of Karen Blixen’s estate. I got there in the morning and was the first “tourist” to arrive, so I got a personal tour! Here is some video from that tour: It was great to see everything from how they prep the clay (which they get from Mount Kenya), to how they make the pottery and how they make each bead. I should have taken notes so I could describe every detail. Instead, I …

Review: Brioche

Several weeks ago we went to the launch of Brioche, a little cafe tucked in the back of The Alchemist. It’s a cute place with a great brunch menu. I highly recommend it. J. and I both had the shakshuka and it was amazing. If Westlands is a bit far for you, they also have a location in Karen. Yes…this is a short post. There isn’t much to say other than you should get yourself there NOW and eat!