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How to deal with KPLC when you have an issue

KPLC, also known an Kenya Power, is the national Kenyan electric power company. The company owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in the country. (The Government has a controlling stake at 50.1% private investors have 49.9%.)

When you’re dealing with a power outage, brown out, or other issue, they are absolutely terrible. I have not discovered any ways to make dealing with them any less painful. However, I have found a way to get them to act a bit faster.

First, call right away, as soon as you notice the problem. Don’t expect your neighbor to do it. Don’t assume anyone else called it in or that the issue will resolve soon. Call them ASAP.

Second, start with your account number. Then you can tell them the issue. Giving them your account number will let them know exactly where the problem is.

Third, tell them it’s your whole area. Most likely, it’s not only your house, so it’s not a lie. Also, they won’t do a thing if you tell them it’s only your house. Tell them it’s a widespread issue.

Fourth, get the full name (and correct spelling) of the person you are speaking with—I’ll tell you why later. Fifth, get a reference number.

Then, after all that, keep calling to check until the power issue is resolved. Tell each neighbor to do the same. If you all keep up the pressure, they will act faster.

Ways to increase to the pressure:

  • Ask for a supervisor after you’ve called twice. Talk to the supervisor to get a better response. Get that supervisor’s full name (and spelling).
  • Tell your neighbors each time you call and update them. Tell them the name of the supervisor you spoke with and have them ask for that person when they call.
  • Get onto Twitter and regularly update there, including:
    • the full name of the people you’ve spoken to
    • your reference number
    • #KPLC
    • address the tweet to @Kenya_Power_Care, @KenyaPowerAlert, and to @KenyaPower
    • tell your neighbors to do the same
  • As many places as you can (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), publicly shame KPLC into restoring power, again, calling out the representatives by name.
  • If things get bad, start calling out senior staff. Find out who the regional manager is for your area and put that person on the hook.

Below is a PDF of the regional managers and their phone numbers—I got it from KPLC:

KPLC RMs and CBMs contacts - 20.03.2018.png

Finally, don’t stop until the power issue is resolved. Note the last sentence of the main paragraph in the PDF: KPLC encourages customers to contact senior management via their call phone numbers. Do it.

Good luck!



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