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Red Sea Egypt

Last year we did a trip to the Red Sea leaving from Port Sudan. This year we did the Red Sea again, but leaving from Marsa Alam in Egypt. We went again with AquaVentures from Watamu at the Kenyan coast. We did the St. John’s and South area. It was really nice diving.

We saw very healthy reefs, an abundance of marine life, and some sharks. There were canyon, really canyons, of coral and tons of swim throughs. At Elphinstone, about 15 meters below me I saw five sharks go by and then, a minute later, another three. I could tell they were sharks, but it was murky and I couldn’t tell what kind. I was told that most likely they were hammerheads, as they are the only schooling sharks in the area. (This was too far away to capture on video.)

Unfortunately, my camera housing flooded (not a total loss, the camera is still good) and so my photos and video are limited. I did get to use the GoPro…but I’m not a pro at that. I’ll have it posted for next week.



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