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Dog Licenses Obtained!

I’ve written about the saga of getting a dog license in Nairobi. I’ve also written about the various hurdles in terms of not having to pay transport fees. I’m happy to report I have finally gotten licenses for both Maddie and Oreo.

After emails, texts, calls, and a written letter, the Director of Veterinary Services paid the transport fees himself for the home inspection. (Sometimes it pays to be the crazy lady who will not go away.) After the inspection, I got a call from the very nice man processing the licenses.

I went to the Pangani City Council building…also known as the dog pound since that’s what it is. Getting there is tricky. You go onto Professor Wangari Maathai Road (formerly known as Forest Road. Then, just as you get to Jubliee House, turn off to the side. There is a dirt road just before Jubilee House. (The guards at Jubilee House can direct you.) Follow that road, which the government really ought to tarmac and put up signage, for a few meters. Go all the way to the parking lot (you’ll pass a house on the right).

There is a building with a faint sign that indicates it’s a city council building. Go in as the door is open. It looks like a kennel, because it is. But, this is where the office is. Go down about halfway and then turn right. The office is on the right.

That’s where you get your license.

The man there, again he was super nice, took my payment and processed the licenses very quickly. He has a HUGE stack of licenses ready to be processed and picked up. I imagine a lot of people don’t know their licenses are ready. If you applied, give them a call to see if you can go pick yours up.

This, even with having to figure out how to find the location, was the easiest part of the process. It was quite an ordeal. But, Oreo and Maddie are legal and all set up. And that makes me very happy.



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