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Review: Hob House

I had heard many good things about Hob House. I had high expectations, but still kept in mind it’s a B&B and not a full scale restaurant. The food lived up to the hype. The rest of the experience fell flat.

Things started off wrong when they had no record of our reservation. They managed to get us a table.  Unfortunately, it was not in the restaurant seating area. It was the main dining room table in the common area for the B&B guests. (No pictures because I couldn’t have random people in the shots.) It felt like we were dropped into someone’s living room and told to eat.

One of the owners came by to chat with us. This was fine for the first couple minutes. Ten minutes later we really wanted her to leave but were being polite. Why did she spend such a long time with us? First she had to give us brochures for the B&B part of the business. Then she had to sell us on her favorite dessert and tell us the whole story about it (which involved murder). We really just wanted to eat dinner.

Service was slow and required a lot of reminding.

The icing on the cake was when a guy with his four-year-old sat down with us so she could eat dinner. He was nice. His daughter was lovely. And this was the common table so we really couldn’t complain about it. But, this is not how we wanted to have dinner.

Maybe it would have been better if they had remembered our reservation and sat us in the regular restaurant area. We will never know because I have no plans to ever go back.

My advice on Hob House: skip it. You can get good middle eastern food in Nairobi in a better setting and with better service.


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