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Dog Licensing Update

I wrote about getting a dog license in Nairobi a while back. I am writing again with an update. The process has started this year. The forms are getting processed and sent over to the vets, who then do home visits.

These visits will be scheduled with you ahead of time. Do not allow any random visits as those are con artists. The visit should not require you to pay any kind of fee to the visiting vet.

I was called by someone from the office of Dr. Ngatia F.M. (Westlands based, phone number is 0722 332 543). The person refused to come for the visit unless I paid her transportation fee. I told her this was illegal. She then said that they would not come for the home visit.

Rather than let Dr. Ngatia hold my dog license as hostage, I reported the practice to the Director of Veterinary services at Nyayo House, Dr. Makori (tel 0722 469219). I haven’t gotten a response. I am now resubmitting the license application, along with the application for a license for my second dog, with a note requesting that the processing be done by another vet.

I also reported Dr. Ngatia to the Kenya Veterinary Board ( They are looking into the matter. I don’t think it’s right for a vet to extort money from people.

If you are faced with Dr. Ngatia or another veterinary practice that demands transportation or some other fee, tell them no and then report the practice. If enough people do this then maybe we can get this fixed.


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  3. i understand your predicament kenya has been swamped with the giving out of money (kitu kidogo) culture upto a point that it seem normal i hope you do get assisted

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