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Guest Post: Oreo & Maddie Go On Smellcation

Hi everyone! Cookie Monsters here! We want to tell you all about our weekend in Naivasha at Sanctuary Farm. We had so much fun!

First, there was a car ride. It was Maddie’s first long car ride and she did really well. It was a nice drive…too bad Maddie is still too short to look out the window. She had some great naps though.

Then we arrived! Oh it was wonderful! It’s a big open space! So much room!!!


There were all these animals there. There were wildebeest—we’re not scared of them; we just give them cautious respect and steer clear of them. There were lots of birds and monkeys that we wanted to chase. There were impala—they have Maddie’s coloring and jump like Oreo! We really wanted to run with them. There were also zebra. A zebra is the biggest dog we’ve ever seen! We really wanted to chase them.

Sadly, we were not allowed to chase anything! It’s so unfair! We were kept on leash the whole time! Our friends Atlas, Luna, and Jomo have all been to Sanctuary Farm and were allowed to go off leash. Atlas’ mom even let him roll in wildebeest poop! We didn’t get to do any of that!

Editor’s Note: Atlas’ mom did not LET him roll in wildebeest poop. She looked up to find him rolling in it and then immediately gave him a bath.

Despite Mummy’s draconian measures, we still had a great time. We walked all over the grounds. There was so much to smell! It really was a smellcation! It was so amazing!


IMG_6674.jpgWe got to join the humans for some meals. We got to hang out in the room—really nice room by the way!




And we chilled on the patio. Have to give our noses a little rest, you know.



We loved it up in Naivasha and we can’t wait to go again!


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