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Trying New Things: #6 Pottery

As some of you know, I have many hobbies. I’ve added a new one to my repertoire: pottery. I am hooked! I love it!

I love creating things (hence the painting and knitting) and I love working with my hands. I love working with the clay and learning all the ways I can shape and mold and stamp it into various object. I’m just starting out and I’m a total novice. But, as I mentioned, I am hooked and I know that someday in the not to distant future (I hope) I’ll actually become good at it.

Here are some of my first pieces in progress:


Different colors of clay on a platter – not yet glazed or put into the kiln


What will hopefully become a yarn bowl


My first piece – coil work

Here are some works in progress by people who know what they’re doing:


I’m taking the course (one morning once a week) at Stoneware Pottery, which shares a space with the Weaver Bird studio. It’s run by Waithira Chege, an amazing ceramacist. She’s not only incredibly talented, but she’s also a great teacher and a wonderful person. It’s a lot of fun to take her classes.

Here are some shots from her studio:


If you are interested in taking the class or want to purchase some of Waithira’s art, you can contact her at: Glaze@Waithira.com


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