Month: March 2018

Looking out from the beach bed

Review: The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel

This year for my birthday we took off to Diani. We stayed at The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel. It. Was. Awesome! We loved every aspect of it. The grounds and pool are gorgeous. We loved the canopied day beds that overlooked the beach—this is where we pretty much spent all our time. Here’s a short video walking through the wrap-around pool. The interior common areas were nice. Our room was fantastic. Most of all, the food and service were amazing. I cannot say enough about the quality of the hospitality. And the food…so good! It’s all a la carte, fresh, and freshly made. (Now I’m craving crab and oysters just from thinking about the food there!) I very highly recommend staying at the Maji.

Looking out on Diani Beach

Birthday Trip

Last year, my birthday started out all right. I was alone as J. was traveling for work. I tried to make the most of it with a spa day. It went well until later in the evening when a power outage and a nasty email pretty much ruined the night. (I’m still annoyed by that email. It had a seemingly innocuous “Happy Birthday” subject line, but turned out to be someone airing out all her dirty laundry and pushing me to discuss family drama via email.) I vowed to make this year different. I’m happy to reported that I succeeded! For my 45th, I decided a beach vacation was in order. I also decided that I wanted to learn how to kite surf. Diani Beach, on the Kenyan Coast, is well known for kite surfing…most of the time. Unfortunately, there was no wind during our stay. No wind = no kite surfing. Still, we had a lovely time. Other than not having enough wind (there was a gentle breeze off the water, just not enough …

Guest Post: Oreo & Maddie Go On Smellcation

Hi everyone! Cookie Monsters here! We want to tell you all about our weekend in Naivasha at Sanctuary Farm. We had so much fun! First, there was a car ride. It was Maddie’s first long car ride and she did really well. It was a nice drive…too bad Maddie is still too short to look out the window. She had some great naps though. Then we arrived! Oh it was wonderful! It’s a big open space! So much room!!! There were all these animals there. There were wildebeest—we’re not scared of them; we just give them cautious respect and steer clear of them. There were lots of birds and monkeys that we wanted to chase. There were impala—they have Maddie’s coloring and jump like Oreo! We really wanted to run with them. There were also zebra. A zebra is the biggest dog we’ve ever seen! We really wanted to chase them. Sadly, we were not allowed to chase anything! It’s so unfair! We were kept on leash the whole time! Our friends Atlas, Luna, and …