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Burns Night

Back in January, J. and I attended Burns Night, hosted by the Caledonian Society of Kenya. It was held at the Muthaiga Club. The evening started out fine. The food was good. The haggis was delicious. And then came the speeches.

Mind you, I waited several weeks to let myself cool down. I didn’t want this post to be a rage-filled outburst. So, this is my take after a few weeks and I am about as calm as I can be about the speeches that night.

The night was all about old men making sexist jokes. I live in a world where Donald Trump is president of the U.S. and yet that night was the most misogynist, sexist, hate-filled (against women) experience I have ever had. It was awful.

A friend and I left our table and went to the back to talk amongst ourselves. We didn’t want to stay and listen to anymore anti-female bullshit. We were told to shush as we were a bit loud…pesky women that we are.

I will not attend another Burns Night nor will I attend the St. Andrew’s Ball, or any Caledonian Society event in the future.

I will not give my money to a group that promotes misogyny. 

The Caledonian Society owes a big apology to women.

They also owe themselves a look into their own history. Perhaps they have forgotten their female monarchs? Or perhaps the men speaking that night were more of the John Knox variety, who can’t handle strong women? Well, it’s not the 16th century anymore. If the Caledonian Society of Kenya wants to remain relevant, I suggest it oust the sexist assholes and take on a more civilized approach to Burns Night.

Meanwhile, I urge everyone in Kenya to contact the Caledonian Society to let them know that this type of behavior is unacceptable. Boycott their events. Stop donating money to them. Cut them off entirely until until they change their sexist ways. 


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