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Double Trouble: Expat Life with Two Dogs

Oreo and Maddie

Here we are…not only do we have a dog back in our life, we have two! So far, so good. It’s twice the work but half the trouble.

Oreo and Maddie get along very well. They play well together. There is no jealousy. There are no issues at feeding time. They even walk well together. My cookies make a great pair!

This was not by luck. Oreo needed a companion, but it had to be the right kind of companion. We made sure personalities would match. We also looked into a number of other things:

  • Can we afford two dogs?
  • Can we keep both socialized so that they can adapt if we move to a more urban area down the road?
  • Size mattered. The second dog couldn’t be any bigger than Oreo—again, we were thinking down the road to the likely possibility of a smaller home in our next post.
  • Would our lifestyle accommodate two dogs?

Maddie, like Oreo, was a forever decision. This is about family planning. We would not get two if two wasn’t something we could commit to overall. We would not get a second unless we could commit to specifically to that second dog’s needs.

If you’re an expat and you’re thinking of expanding on the pets you have, please consider all the bullet points I listed. Pets are your family. They depend entirely on you—just like children.

The issue of expats abandoning pets is becoming is bigger and bigger problem in Kenya. Please don’t add to this problem. Think it through and make responsible choices. If you’re not sure and want to research more, contact the KSPCA or check out this information from TNR Trust.

Okay, the cookies need some exercise (as do I). Off we go to Karura Forest!


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