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Guest Post: Maddie

Hi there! My name is Maddie, short for Madeleine (which is a cookie). I am the most recent addition to my home, Chez Cookie. I love it here!

My mummy and dad are great. My big sister, Oreo, is fantastic. We get along very well.


Like Oreo, I am a TNR dog. Also like Oreo, I had a broken leg—specifically, it was a fracture in my front, right leg. I’m healing up very well. The people who rescued me off of Mvuli Road, Dr. Cockar, and my foster mom Anne all made sure I would be healthy for my forever home.

I was five months when they rescued me. Now I’m seven months. I have to say, life has been getting better and better over the last two months. I’ve gotten so much love from so many people and I feel much better.


I’m really excited to be here! Look what I can do with my ears! Sometimes, my mummy calls me Arrow.


If you’re interested helping other dogs like me, please contact TNR or the KSPCA!



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