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Christmas in Lamu

This year, continuing our tradition of spending the holidays local, we went to Lamu. We were on Lamu Island and stayed at the Kizingoni Beach Bandas. I can’t tell you much about Lamu town, Shela, or anything else about the island.

We didn’t leave the beach. We were not near either town. We were exhausted. All we wanted to do was hang out on the beach and relax. So, that’s what we did.


Here’s that little crab wiggling about:

Our one excursion was to go snorkeling. The water was a big rough so visibility was poor. But, I love the ocean and even a bad snorkel is a fun experience for me.


J. shot some GoPro video. I’ll post that once it puts it all together

It was a much needed break. Rest and relaxation proved to be the best Christmas presents we could give ourselves.

So, that’s it. That’s this post. I will have a review of Kizingoni next week, followed by a review of Yapperville, where Oreo spent her Christmas vacation.

I hope your Christmas was as peaceful and enjoyable as our and wish you all a very happy new year!


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