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Life in a Sh*thole Country

It gets more and more difficult to be an American abroad. The orange one will not shut up and his words grow more offensive every day. It’s hard to protest from outside the U.S., but I’m doing what I can.

I posted on Twitter. I posted on Instagram. I shared to FaceBook (although that is largely preaching to the choir). Now, I’m writing this post.

Kenya—all of Africa actually—falls under the fake-bake-bad-dye-job’s definition of “shithole country.” Guess what. It’s amazing here. I love it in Kenya and I never want to leave.

Guess what else. America’s shithole president and his supporting political party are turning America into a shithole, and fewer people want to visit let alone live there. Who wants to go to a racist land where you run the risk of getting shot just by going to see a movie? Why would anyone want to visit a place where women’s rights are being stripped away while white supremacists and rapists are applauded?

I don’t even want to visit home. I’ll happily stay abroad for now.

In closing, please enjoy these scenes from a shithole country. You’ll notice that it’s anything but that. I hope you’ll come to visit. If you can’t come to Kenya, then travel elsewhere. Go see the beauty in the parts of the world that the scumbag in chief will never be smart or sane enough to understand.

If nothing else, at least look at these pictures to see how wonderful Kenya is, and this is just a small slice.



  1. Anonymous says

    Hooray for you ! Kenya is my favorite place in the world (besides Oregon where I live). I don’t know how our country will get through the next 3 years. It makes me sad.

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  2. marsha ramsey says

    love you and I don’t even know you!…you are SOOOOOO correct about the idiot running this country (USA)…I just typed in: Nairobi blog and you were the first to show up!…I am going to be in Nairobi in couple of weeks so was just surfing web to get as much info on Nairobi and area….if you have any “must do’s” off the beaten path I welcome your suggestions….love culture and folklore so hoping to visit some small villages…….
    p.s. I HATE the “orange one”!



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