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There Is No Petco In Kenya

Oreo is a smart dog. Oreo is an active dog. Oreo is a young dog. A dog like Oreo needs to stay busy. Back in New York, this would mean lots of play, toys, and a vast assortment of canine enrichment contraptions for puzzles and games and feeding.

There is no Petco in Kenya. There is no place to buy such things. We have to come up with our own schemes. It takes some imagination, some research, and some dedication. But, it is worth it. Your dog will be happier and you will be happier.

Here are some of the ideas, tips, and tricks that I’ve come up with thus far:

  • Hunting for dinner in the garden by hiding her kibble around the yard and walking over to the piles of food.
  • I had a feeding toy built
  • Making a snufflemat
  • Using toilet paper and paper towel rolls for hiding food or making it an obstacle for getting to food
  • Using cardboard boxes to the same effect
  • Having friends bring in Kong feeders because Kongs are so awesome (people who bring us stuff are the best!)

Hide kibble or treats in *some* of the tubes


I had my local hardware store build this for me. Put kibble in the bottles and have your dog work to get the kibble to fall out of the open tops.

How do I come up with ideas? There are a number of ways:

  • Ask people. Your dog-people friends will have ideas to share.
  • Walk around hardware store with an imaginative eye to see what could be made into a toy.
  • Look up canine enrichment for sites and groups. Here’s a good one on Facebook.
  • Ask trainers
  • Look up canine enrichment or DIY dog toys on Pinterest

I’ve been collecting various ideas and helpful site on a Pinterest Board. That board is going to be up for a long time as Oreo is good at figuring out how to work around the game. For example, she figured out that she can pick up her snufflemat and give it a shake to get the food out faster. I need to keep coming up with new ideas and have an arsenal on hand to keep Oreo on her toes.

What can I say? She is one smart cookie!

Here’s a short video of us having creative fun with Oreo:

No Petco in Kenya from curriedpotato on Vimeo.



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