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One Off Art Gallery

I discovered the One Off Art Gallery while taking obedience classes with Oreo. The gallery is on beautiful grounds with an arena where Custom Made K9 holds classes. After going every week for training and getting a small glimpse of some really lovely art, I wanted to go check it out properly.

I am so glad I did. The art is amazing and there is a range of items. You’ll find large pieces, smaller pieces, paintings, drawings, sculpture, and a range of prices as well. If you are interested in East African art, especially from Kenyan artists, you need to go to One Off.

One off was started in 1994 (with a break from 2000-2009) by Carol Lees. The gallery  represents Kenyan artists (many of whom are represented exclusively by One Off) as well as some artists from Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Rwanda. This is real art—serious pieces and not touristy souvenirs. Again, there is a range in prices so don’t be scared of not finding any affordable art.

Here are a few photos to walk you through the gallery:


One side of the ground floor of the main gallery space


View from the other side of the main floor


Some sculptures


Gorgeous glass beaded piece


As you can see, there is a wide variety of work


Coming Home by Peter Elungat – I wish I could buy this one!


Wooden sculptures outside the top floor of the main gallery


A wide range of work for sale

If you live in Nairobi or are just visiting, you should really check out the gallery. Give yourself time to browse and chat with Carol, who is an expert in East African art.

Phone:  +254 722 521870

Address:  #16 Rosslyn Lone Tree Estate, off Limuru Road, Nairobi 00621, Kenya.
Opening Hours:  Tue – Sun: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

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