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Mexican Restaurants Part 2: Mercado

I wrote about Fonda a couple weeks ago. This week, I’m going to tell you about Mercado. Mercado is another Mexican place in Nairobi. Located in Westlands, in the Kenrail Towers (next to the Nine West building), this is the better of the Mexican options. Don’t get me wrong, Fonda is good. Mercado just happens to be better.

Why is it better? Overall, Mercado is a step above. The atmosphere is nice. The service is very good. The menu is more robust. Most important, the food is excellent as are the margaritas.

How did Mercado come about? Basically, a pair of Kenyan brothers went to Mexico and learned how to make the cuisine. They returned home and decided to share the culinary experience.

Is this the best Mexican food I’ve ever had? Oh, hell no! But, it’s decent. It certainly goes beyond fulfilling a craving as far as quality and authenticity. This will be our go-to place when we feel like Mexican.


Interior shot…not so sure how great the swinging benches are.


I loved the cars on the wall


Another interior shot – the restaurant is quite spacious and has a room for private parties


FYI – make sure you order your margarita the way you want it as frozen is the default

If you want to check out Mercado for yourself:

  • +254 700 245 795
  • Terrace (T) Floor, South Wing, Kenrail Towers (next to Nine West), Ring road parklands, Westlands area.


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