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TNR Trust Nairobi

Oreo - TNR Rescue

I have been meaning to write a post about TNR Trust Nairobi for quite some time. I wanted to go to the location where they have some dogs who need homes to take some photos, but timing has yet to work out. Since, finding homes for animals isn’t their primary mission, and since it’s important to get word out about TNR, I’m writing this post without adorable pictures of pups. After reading a bit about all the good work this organization does, I’m sure you’ll forgive the lack of photos.

What is TNR Trust and what do they do?

TNR (which stands for Trap, Neuter, and Release) is a non-profit, Kenyan Registered Trust. They recently turned two, as they got their official documentation on December 2, 2015. At the time of this post, they do not have any paid staff and are volunteer only. They rely strictly on donors and grants.

What does TNR do?

TNR works with local communities to improve animal and pet welfare, stabilize and control dog/cat populations in Kenya, and provide education on animal welfare. They also work to promote adoption of rescued cats and dogs. (Oreo is a TNR rescue and hence the featured image for this post.)

Since December of 2015, TNR has vaccinated, spayed/neutered, returned or re-homed hundreds of animals. They have also designed a mobile clinic (which should be up and running in 2018) and created a children’s activity book to go with that clinic. In addition to all this, TNR is also working hard to eradicate rabies from Kenya. We went to a fundraiser for this effort a while back.

How I can learn more or help?

Check out TNR’s Facebook page, or their website for more information.

Interested in fostering a dog? This page on their site has information.

Are you an expat and thinking about getting a pet? Read this first.


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