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Mexican Restaurants Part 1: Fonda

Recently, three new Mexican restaurants popped up in Nairobi. We went from zero to three in just a few months. It’s a bit loco and J. and I, missing latin food, are keen to check them all out.

J. went to one of the places in the Two Rivers Mall. I don’t remember the name. It’s fast food-ish…he described it as kind of like Chipotle back in the U.S. So there is that, if you’re in Two Rivers and crave a taco. I’m counting it as Mexican because it exists. However, I’m not really all that interested in fast food.

Another is Mercado in Westlands. We haven’t been there yet but want to check it out. So far, I’ve head good reviews.

The one we have gone to is Fonda NBO in the Rosslyn Riveria Mall. I’ve been twice. Once with friends who live near there (and who I met through this blog!) and once on my own for lunch.

It’s decent. I’d say it’s on par with Mexican food in New York. Here’s the thing, there is no good Mexican food in New York. Overall, it’s good food…but if you’ve been to Mexico or even the American Southwest, you know what I mean. Good Mexican food is good Mexican food. Anything else doesn’t qualify for the good rating.

But, it’s good food overall. I like it. It took care of my craving. The drinks and service are good. The atmosphere is nice. And…they listen to customers!

Their menu was a disaster and really hard to understand. It was an excellent lesson in why information design matters. They got complaints. They listened. They redid the menu design and it makes sense now.


Much better menu design!

Anyway, it’s nice to have more culinary options in Nairobi and Mexican was definitely lacking. You can get your Mexican fix at Fonda.

There will be a second part to this post once I check out Mercado.

In the meantime, to check out Fonda for yourself:

Rosslyn Riviera Mall, top floor

Limuru Road


+254 720 145 741 / +254 735 053 829


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