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Review: VIP Spa

UPDATED: VIP Spa has closed!

I mentioned in an earlier post that there are more and more dog services in Nairobi. VIP Spa (Very Impawtant Pets) is one such service. Oreo has been there three times now.

The first time she went for a bath. The second time she went for daycare (right after the cone of shame came off and I was out of the country, leaving J. on single parent duty). This last time was for both a bath and daycare. She likes it there, in fact all the dogs I’ve seen there seem to really have a blast.

The place is big with a large main play area as well as smaller rooms (for some dogs that would rather be in a smaller setting or need to be kept separate). They group mostly by temperament and then by size. The main area has couches and a TV and is basically like a large living room where they can hang out and play. The smaller rooms are like little bedrooms, but still big enough for dogs to play. There is also an outdoor play area.


VIP also provides grooming services. For Oreo, just a bath and mani/pedi are enough. If you have a dog that needs serious grooming, VIP can provide that as well. The grooming are is pretty big and well equipped.


In addition to the daycare and grooming service, they also offer overnight boarding.

We really like VIP, as does Oreo. In fact, we think we might have her go once a week for daycare so that she gets enough socialization with other dogs.

If you want to check out VIP, here is their contact information:

They are on Kitusuru Rd, 2.5 D (there is a sign, kind of low to the ground, on that side street that reads “Kihara”) first gate on the right

Phone: 0722123123 / 0731200123 and 0202439773

Email: info@veryimpawtantpets.com

Facebook: facebook.com/veryimpawtantpets

Twitter: twitter.com/veryimpawtantpets

PS Please excuse the poor photo quality. I just snapped a few with my phone as I dropped off Oreo.


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