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Valley Creations

As we got closer to the day when Oreo would officially becomes ours, we knew we would need to get her a name tag. We went to Valley Creations in Spring Valley. They make the TNR Trust tags and a portion of each tag they sell is donated to TNR Trust.

It was a little tricky to find, but I had a map from them. (It’s not something Google Maps can find.) In Spring Valley, near the Total gas station, there’s a rough road that leads to the compound where Valley Creations resides. Here’s that map in case you want to go there:


They have a nice assortment of dog tags.


They also make a ton of other things from etched glass, to poker chips, to woodwork. If it can be customized, they make it.


They also do catering and are about to kick off some food trucks.


It’s a cool business run by talented and super-nice people. Check them out!



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