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Dog Licensing in Nairobi

This is a confusing matter! Yes, you need to license your dog. No, the process isn’t great. In fact, the whole ordeal has been in flux all year.

We just put in for Oreo’s license. We went through the East Africa Kennel Club (EAKC) to do this. What we did was print out the appropriate forms (in duplicate), filled them out, and dropped them off at the EAKC. They will then drop off the forms to the right place at Nyayo House. (You can take the forms to Nyayo House yourself if you prefer.)

As far as the rest of the process, here is the latest (as of writing this post on 19th October 2017):

  • Forms submitted between now and the rest of the year will actually be for a 2018 license. The city is not issuing any for the rest of this year.
  • There will be home visit by a vet.
    • This visit must be prearranged. The vet should call you and make the appointment. DO NOT ALLOW IN ANYONE WHO JUST RANDOMLY SHOWS UP. Anyone who just shows up claiming to be an impromptu inspector is a con artist—don’t let in the person; in fact, call the police.
    • Vets should not charge anything for the inspection, not even transportation money. Some vets are corrupt and will try to scam you. Do not give them any money other than the cost of the actual license. If any vet gives you a problem, report them to the EAKC.
  • The cost of the license per dog is 3000 KES. Make sure you get your copy of the license form stamped as PAID. It should be given to you at the home visit.

If you have questions, contact the EAKC. They have been really great in helping people with this and are up to date on all the procedures. They have a section of their website dedicated to the latest information on dog licensing: https://eastafricakennelclub.com/2017/01/nairobi-city-county-dog-license-2017/

Please scroll through and give the whole page a read. You can also download all the necessary forms from their site. They’ve done a lot of the leg work on this. I am so grateful for all their work—I would not have known what to do without them.

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