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Don’t Go To These Camps/Lodges

During our trip to the Maasai Mara, we unfortunately witnessed a lot of humans behaving badly. This was during our view of the river crossing of the Great Migration. We were on the Mara Triangle side, the western part of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The terrible people were on the other side of the Mara River, on the eastern part of the Reserve.

While we, and the other vehicles on the Triangle side stayed at an appropriate distance and made sure to not obstruct the animals, on the other side of the river the cars and trucks were ghastly. Not only did they block the entry to the parts of the river where the animals could cross, but they moved constantly. As soon as some wildebeest would find an area, a dozen cars would rush to that spot and wind up blocking the path.

Part of the problem is that many people suck. The other part of the problem is that the Narok County Council, which manages the eastern part of the park, doesn’t have proper control of the area. On the western side of the Mara, the Mara Conservancy has proper control of the park, complete with anti-poaching units. (The Kenya Wildlife Service doesn’t administer the Mara.)

I was able to identify some of the tour companies, camps, and lodges. (A telephoto lens comes in handy.) Based on what I saw, avoid staying at these places as they do not respect the animals and are causing harm to the Mara:

  • Southern Cross Safaris
  • Sala’s Camp
  • Mara Bush Camp
  • The Intrepid Safari Company
  • Naibor

Here are some photos of what we saw.


Dozens of cars


See that one right by the sloping path? That’s where the wildebeest need to go.


This one moved a lot, blocking the animals every time.



Another path blocked



Seriously, this is crazy!


If you were driving this Toyota Prado, then you are a despicable person.



Groups of cars blocking most of the access points.

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