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Life with a dog in Nairobi

As you know, we have adopted a dog, Oreo. She is an amazing addition to our family and we are so happy to have her in our life. Life has been very good since her arrival.

We were cautious about getting a dog. We really wanted to make responsible choices and know what we were about to do. This is about family, after all.

We had Daisy in New York, and we knew that dog life would be quite different here. We needed to fully understand what being a responsible dog owner would require in Nairobi.

First I researched vets. There are a lot of great vets in Nairobi. We chose Dr. Cockar in the Rosslyn Lone Tree area.

Then, where to get the dog, and what dog? We thought through everything from breed to age to size. We determined that a slightly older dog (not a tiny puppy) would be best and one that would grow to be about mid-size (20 kg or 45 pounds more or less). The rest would be about temperament and fit with our lifestyle.

We decided a mixed breed rescue would be good for us and chose to go through TNR Trust. That is where we found Oreo. (FYI: You need to be very careful with breeders here (anywhere actually). If you choose to go that route, research very carefully and confirm that the breeder is part of the East African Kennel Club.)

At ten-and-a-half months and mid-sized Oreo fit the bill. It was love at first sight for us. She is so sweet. She’s a great cuddler, super smart, and doesn’t bark much. Bonus: she’s very energetic. We are active and like being out and about. I’m really happy to have a dog we can take regularly for hikes and runs in Karura or out to Navaisha for the day.

Between time with us and our big garden, Oreo gets to be fairly active. It’s a strange thing for me…having all this outdoor space. I mean, I just open the door and let her out if she feels like running around. We have so much room to play out there.


It’s great! It’s something we didn’t have in New York. Oreo would not have done well there, not at this age anyway.

While lacking space, New York does offer a lot for dogs, including the ability to easily socialize your dog and lots of services. In Nairobi, it’s not so easy. You have to seek out opportunities to socialize and find services.

Luckily, there are more and more services popping up in the city.  I found a fantastic boarding facility, Yapperville. I also found a great spa and daycare place, VIP Spa in Kitisuru.

Socializing isn’t as easy. Most of the dogs in our neighborhood are not friendly. Thankfully, I have some friends with dogs and we plan to do regular playdates once Oreo can ditch the cone of shame (when her stitches from spaying are out). Also, there are restaurants that are dog friendly, such as Wasp & Sprout and River Cafe.

It’s only been three weeks since Oreo joined us. It’s hard to think of life before her. I’m sure that over time I’ll have more Oreo stories to share and more dog information to pass along.



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