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Guest Post: Oreo

Hi everyone, my name is Oreo. I just moved in recently. Mom said that she’s putting up a few more posts that are more timely to what’s going on in our lives right now. She asked me if I’d do a guest blog. Even though she won’t let me chew on the hamper, I agreed.

Some of you might remember reading about how my parents were not going to get a dog in Kenya. Then, they decided that they would eventually get a dog here, when the time was right. Well, they decided the time was right. They were going to take their time, but then they met me and fell in love. Who can blame them?

Oreo - 9Oreo - 8

As I said, my name is Oreo. I’m black with a little white. Apparently, I am very sleek and elegant. I’m a ten-and-a-half months old (we’re guessing but we think we’re fairly right on my age).

Mom and Dad say I’m really smart. I’m also very active but also a snuggler. I like long walks in Karura Forest, belly rubs, and playing in the garden.

My story is one of hope and the triumph of the canine spirit. I was found injured in traffic in Westlands (a busy neighborhood in Nairobi) by a wonderful lady named Laila. Laila saved my life. She rescued me from the street even though I was so scared and she didn’t even know me at all. I will always be so very grateful all that she did for me.

It turns out I had a broken leg. I’m fully healed now, thanks to Laila and also to my foster parents. Alex and Mark, my foster parents, took me in and fully rehabilitated me. They put in so much time and care. I will always remember my home with them and how much they love me. I love them too. I also love my foster brothers, a.k.a. The Mog Dogs.

I should also thank much of the Canadian High Commission. So many nice people from there helped take care of me—and I needed A LOT of care! It really took a village to help me out.

And now I’m in my forever home! Okay, it’s not official yet. But, Mom, Dad, and I have a really good feeling about it. I’m super psyched to be here. I love the garden. I made a new friend, Pepper, who I get to have play dates with. I also have a giant bed. Life is good.

Oreo - 7Oreo - 6Oreo - 5

Not bad for a girl who rose up from the streets, eh?

If you’re in Nairobi and are interested in getting a dog as awesome as me, contact TNR Trust. (They are also on Facebook.) They have lots of dogs that need a home. Mom is going to write about them in a future post and also about an event they are hosting on the 30th.

If you’re interested in the event, check out the details on their Facebook page. 

I’m sure there will be more posts about me, maybe even from me. But that’s the latest bit of good news for my family: Me!

Oreo - 1


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