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Review: Fly-SAX

We usually fly Air Kenya when we travel domestically. This time, for whatever reason, we went with another airline. We flew Fly-Sax.

They were terrible. We left late on our way out to the Mara. This would have been okay if anyone at the airline had any idea what was going on, which no one did. When we landed at our destination (the last of four stops in the Mara), we heard the pilot talking on his cell phone. There was apparently something wrong with the plane.

Thank goodness we made it okay. With three stops between Wilson and our air strip, a lot could have gone wrong. I’m glad the trip itself went fine.

The way back was worse. The camp confirmed with the airline that the flight was on time…but it wasn’t. It was an hour late. Mind you, we weren’t in an airport but rather at an open air field while waited.

Finally the plane came. It wasn’t a Fly-Sax plane. It was from Renegade Air covering for Fly-Sax. The flight was rough. There was a lot of turbulence and the pilot didn’t handle it all that well. I was really happy to touch down at Wilson Airport.

I won’t make this mistake again. I’m sticking with Air Kenya from now on. I’m certainly not going to use Fly-Sax unless there is absolutely no other choice.

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