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Review: Mara Siria

We chose the Mara Siria tented camp for our long weekend in the Maasai Mara. How did we like it? We liked it a lot!

The service was fantastic. The food was really great. The portions were really large, so I asked for a child portion for myself and that helped me not feel overwhelmed by the food. Even the bush breakfasts were really great.

It’s a small camp so you don’t feel like you’re with tons of people. It’s cozy yet very open. Our tent, number 12, felt secluded.


The tent was comfortable and decently sized.


There wasn’t a ton of space in the tent for lounging about but we had our own front porch where we could hang out and enjoy the view…and the views from the camp are amazing!

Siria - 2

Zebras wander onto the camp often

Siria - 3

The Mara valley down below

Siria - 4

The Mara River

The only issue we had was the lighting in the bathroom. It was really dark. We wound up placing a flashlight at the top of the shower stall so we could see while bathing. Other than that, it was fine.


Darkest shower ever!

It’s worth noting that, as an eco-camp, they rely a lot on solar power. There is light available 24/7 in the tents, but no outlets. Charging of phones, cameras, batteries, etc. is done through the manager’s tent. It’s well managed and it doesn’t pose a problem.

The only problem is that if you want to use a hairdryer, you need to take one (that you bring yourself) to the manager’s tent and dry your hair there. It’s awkward.

I planned to just let my hair air dry. However, since showers were usually at night (after a day of game drives), it was too cold to air dry. I chose to skip washing my hair as we were just there for a long weekend. I survived. It wasn’t that big a deal but it’s worth mentioning.

Also worth mentioning is the shower itself. It’s a safari shower. You tell them when you want to shower (you can plan ahead too) and they’ll fill it up with hot water. There is plenty of water and it is hot, so the shower is pretty normal otherwise. You just need to give them notice so that they can prepare it for you.


The tank for the safari shower

Would we stay there again? I think so. If I was planning to do anything where I know I’d get really sweaty and would need to wash my hair, then maybe not. Otherwise, or if I showered midday, I’d be fine with it. It really would depend.

I’d definitely recommend the camp. There is the electricity caveat but, if you know that going in, the camp is perfect.




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